Monday 19th January 2009, Kilmore.

We had a big family day yesterday with all the local family coming out for the day. There was a kids day out at an animal care farm called Edgar’s Mission and it was arranged for a family outing there, well for the women and kids anyway, as myself and the two Matt’s, son and son-in-law, went to Matt and Nelle’s block to do some work. Son Matt and family actually came out the night before and stayed over in a cabin so we got to see a bit more of them as we don’t get to their place that often being the other side of Melbourne. All had a good day, I think, and some prime time was spent all together before they all headed home. Linda is off to Tassie tomorrow for a week, so I am once again left to fend for myself. I would mention that with the things she has planned to do while there we apologise to those that she would have liked to visit but may not have the time.