Thursday 4th December 2008, Stawell.

We went for a drive to Ararat today, just for a look, and at shops, and almost fell in love with the place, to the extent that we almost made the decision to pack up on Sunday and move there for a week. After thinking about it we considered that even though it is a very nice city with plenty of very old buildings, a great percentage of our living time is actually spent in the caravan park and the one we chose in Ararat does not compare with the one we are at now, given the lake views and wildlife we presently have. The other thing was that if we were to pack up for a move on Sunday we would be likely to say let’s just go all the way to Melbourne, and we really don’t want to be there until the following week. So we will stay here for a second week as originally planned, but we will be going in to Ararat on Thursday next week for Linda’s fortnightly shopping and I’ll take a few photos of the place while filling in the several hour waiting.