Tuesday 2nd December 2008, Stawell.

As we are in the area of the Grampians mountain range we have decided that we will spend some time in the area doing what walks we can and have a general look around. Today Linda wanted to go to Horsham for some shopping so we decided to go via the Grampians to have a closer look at what is on offer and get a better idea of what we want to do in the area. We have been there before back in early 2003 when we stayed at Horsham, but we only stayed for a few days, so we only had a day trip to the Grampians and didn’t get to see much. Today revealed that there is plenty of walking to be done, although a lot of it is longer than we are prepared for, so we are very hopeful, weather permitting, to get in a fair bit in while here. We are a little fazed with the information given to us by the info centre, with them only giving basic information on the Grampians and nothing about anything else. When we got to Halls Gap we though we might get more info there, and they did have some maps with a lot more info, but guess what they weren’t free, at $3.50 each for several sectional maps we thought we would battle on with what we have. We were also surprised that the local info centre didn’t even give any info on local attractions, and we are now finding out about them by our own resources. One thing that sticks in my memory after today’s travels was a comment Linda made about seeing ferns for the first time in ages. They were everywhere in the hills, and we now recall that we did not see any in our trips to WA or even through SA, one would have naturally thought they would have been all over.