Tuesday 9th December 2008, Stawell.

An interesting day was had yesterday with me having a minor health scare. We decided, due to the fine weather, to go up to the Grampians to do one of the bush walks we had chosen to do called the Pinnacles near Halls Gap. The walk was about 4.5K return and rather steep, rocky and rather strenuous, but well worth the effort in doing it. We were almost back at the bottom of the walk when I developed this pain in my left arm: Here I was thinking, I am over 50, over weight, diabetic, just had a strenuous walk and have a pain in my left arm. Thinking of all the adds on Telly and radio we decided that we had better not waste a lot of time getting to a hospital and Stawell was the closest. Being rather sure within myself that there was no real problem we did sit and have lunch first, we must eat, and then drove back to Stawell. To cut a long story short about nine hours later, after several tests, saw me being discharged from the hospital with a clean bill of health, but it does pay to safe than sorry. I am now thinking, jokingly, of going back to the hospital with a complaint, I went in complaining of a pain in my arm and left with diagnosis of having nothing wrong with my heart, but nothing on what caused the pain in my arm. It does seem to have cleared up this morning, but I am still none the wiser as to what caused it, probably just an issue with my pinched shoulder tendons that haven’t bothered me for some time now.