Sunday 21st December 2008, Kilmore.

We have now settled into the park at Kilmore and it does seem quite satisfactory for our use for the time we intend to stay here. The grounds are clean and well kept, the amenities are large and kept clean and the other tenants seem friendly enough so we should fit in here quite well. TV reception is still my bane as I have not been able to improve on what we originally received, but what I am getting is satisfactory even though some of the channels are analogue only and I am getting all channels available so I will have to be content. We have had a chance now to visit the grand-kids and catch up with them all, and son Adrian is also over from Tassie for a couple of weeks. He is sharing his visit with as many as he can so we will only have him for a few days, I don’t mean to sound nasty but the caravan is really only built for two so we will set up a tent outside for him to sleep in. I will again say that because we are now not in touring mode and settled down for a spell these reports will more than likely be a lot less frequent.