Kilmore near Melbourne.

Monday 15th December 2008, Kilmore.

On Sunday we finally made our way back to the Melbourne area, and managed to find some pauses in the rain to do our packing up and setting up when we arrived. We are actually camped at a small town about 50 K north of Melbourne called Kilmore. (see map) We chose this town, and park, because it is about half the price of the parks in the city, even the one we usually stay at as they do not have long term sites any more having converted them to tourist sites and increased their prices. Staying here was also dictated by the financial crisis that is affecting us with the downturn in super, so we should be able to cut costs somewhat by staying here, well especially after the Christmas rush is over and we won’t have to make so many trips to the city. We intend staying here until possibly March before we head for the Sunshine Coast for winter. We, or I, might be able to assist Son-in-law Matt and Narrelle in preparing for building their new house, as they have just bought a block of land that is coincidentally not far from where we are staying. Even though we haven’t yet looked into it there does seem to be a bit to do and see around this area so finding things to do might not be a problem at all. One thing that is testing me already though is TV reception. After compiling all the information that I have on the site, I have to now put it to practice more so than ever before. Reception in Kilmore is very iffy being situated in a bit of a gully and right on the fringe area of a couple of transmitters making it difficult to get good reception from anywhere. I am at present getting reasonable analogue reception from Bendigo and not very good digital reception, but I do have a couple of ideas to check out over the next few days to see if I can improve on it. If all else fails and analogue proves to be unsatisfactory there is always the satellite.