Melrose, almost at Adelaide.

Wednesday 12th November 2008, Melrose.

We are now at our last stopover before reaching Adelaide. (see map) We decided to stop here at Melrose rather than Port Pirie because of the praise Kay and Adrian gave it earlier in the year after they stayed here on their way west. The town and caravan park do actually live up to all their praise, so if we are back in this area one day we would like to visit here for a longer period. We have already had a look around this area when we stayed in Port Pirie way back in March 2003, so this visit will purely be for relaxation. Linda could well do with a bit of a rest after she wasn’t too well last night, she obviously swallowed a bug or something that made her rather ill during the night, but she appears to be over it today so a rest here can only do her good.