Eucla, the last WA stop.

Wednesday 5th November 2008, Eucla.

We are almost back out of WA being at Eucla, right on the south coast about 20K from the SA border. We are to be here for a couple of days for a rest and do some washing. We camped out last night at a rest area on the longest straight section of sealed road in the country, and after two days of long distance travel I am going to need a rest as I don’t seem to be able to handle the distances any more, or don’t want to. We stopped at most of the road-houses on the way across, the most convenient places for rest stops, and at Cocklebiddy I started talking to a chap near a small camper, or at least a van used as a camper, and he was rather disgruntled as the vehicle had broken down. The story was that as they could not find a convenient mechanic they were just going to abandon the van where it was, there were actually six people but four had already gotten a ride further on and this only left two to collect the rest of their gear and get a lift themselves. As you might gather we are back in a mobile coverage area and will be each night only from here on for a while.