Saturday 15th November 2008, Adelaide.

The caravan park we are in at present is the Adelaide Shores at West Beach, and since being here we have been reminded of why we just came back here without thinking of elsewhere. This park would have to be the best value for money park we have ever stayed at, it’s charges are comparative with other capital cities, but it provides seventh day free unlike most other capital city parks which makes it much better value. It provides everything that anybody would want in a caravan park, with the exception that at the moment there is not a shopping centre within walking distance, but that is about to change with one being opened next month just a large block away. One thing I noticed in the park today, that probably only caravanners would appreciate, was when I checked out the sewer dump point and noticed that they even had a wash basin with soap provided at the point. This is something that we have not seen provided at any caravan park we have ever stayed at.