Tuesday 28th October 2008, Merredin.

We arrived at what could be our third last stop before making that trip across the Nullarbor again. We are now at Merredin (see map) which is on the main highway half way between Perth and Kalgoorlie. We had a minor tyre problem today on the caravan with one tyre being about half deflated when we arrived here. It, hopefully only, was a faulty valve and has now been repaired, free of charge by the local tyre company by the way. We get the impression that this is one of those very few towns that the locals are extremely friendly, and that was one example. Another was when Linda was in town waiting at an ATM and some ash from another woman’s cigarette blew into her eye, and the offending woman bent over backwards to help Linda by taking her to the local chemist to get some immediate treatment, which again was free. The caravan park owners here are among the friendliest we have met as well. I do hope the rest of the visit will be as amicable.