Karlgarin, Hyden.

Sunday 26th October 2008, Karlgarin, Hyden.

Went for a drive to Hyden today, but as we started day-light saving today and we slept in we were a little late getting away, I also wanted to watch a little car racing when we returned. We decided that we would not have enough time to see Wave Rock and its surrounds so we drove around to see the other rocks in the area, and we will return to Wave Rock tomorrow. Some of these other rocks are The Humps, a very large granite outcrop that contained a cave called Mulkas Cave. Further around was another outcrop called Kings Rock, This is not usually visited by tourists, obviously, as there was a gate across the entry and not many tyre track after it. As there were no signs barring entry we went in anyway, we had driven that far to see it so we weren’t going to miss it. Overall the day was rather worth it as there were a couple of lengthy walks at the Humps, one was over the top of the rock and being reasonably high and steep I was surprised Linda actually managed to do it.