Collie and wanting to get home.

Saturday 18th October 2008, Collie.

That old usual feeling is starting to happen again: It is just starting to sink in that we are on our way back east (home) and our attitude is once again starting to change to ‘all we want to do is get there’. We had a walk around the river walk in town today, and went to one of the dams for a look, but the enjoyment of sightseeing a new area just wasn’t there. We are now starting to wonder why we booked into Collie for a week, but we will stay and do what we intend to do while here. There are still a few things we do want to see on our way back but we no doubt will reconsider how long we stay in the different places. I am not one to make long trips while travelling, so it is not as though we are going to just travel and get there, we will have to do some sightseeing on the way.