Monday 29th September 2008, Toodyay.

Went for a drive today to Avon Valley National Park for a look. The NP didn’t have a lot to offer, but there was one reasonable lookout of the Avon valley, or a short section of it, and there were some wild flowers, but I am now getting to the point that wild flowers are now becoming a norm and don’t over excite me any more.

I have made a decision in protest to the charges at this caravan park by making a move back to Perth on Thursday. The park I stayed at before is actually cheaper than this one, and if I am in there it will save me a couple of return trips from here, so it is basically a win-win situation. I will stay there until Linda returns, and then for a further week until we decide where we are going. If she does return this Thursday I should be in there in time to park the van before I pick her up from the airport. I am actually foregoing a days rent by leaving a day early but I figure the savings I will make by doing so will easily make up for it.

I have failed to find any reason for what gives Toodyay the privilege of having the TV transmissions as previously stated, so I guess it must be just coincidence, or maybe some very high ranking official of something lives here?