Sunday 7th September 2008, Mandurah.

We have again changed our plans somewhat after hearing of Adrian’s good news of health. We have now moved to Mandurah (see map) where they have been for the past several months getting treatment, so Linda could see them once more. Linda is going back to Melbourne again on Wednesday to stay with Narrelle while her hubby Matt is oversees, and if she doesn’t see Kay and Adrian now she may not get another chance for a while as they now intend moving on, cause they now can, and travel north to see the wild flowers and other attractions before heading back across the Nullarbor. Hopefully we will meet up with them again when it is time to traverse that great expanse once again. We had intended to go to Northam/York area, 100K east of Perth, for me to stay while Linda is in Melbourne and then head down this way when she returns, but we may now have to miss that area unless I move back up there while Linda is away.

I can say now that I caved in with not smoking for a while. We are now back in an area where I can buy my tobacco and yesterday gave in to buying some. It is not all good though, as I sat down for a smoke yesterday and did enjoy it thoroughly, but I was feeling a little ill for a while afterwards, so if it going to do this to me it will be more than likely they it go again, I might give it another go later today though.