Carnarvon, Rock Pool.


Monday 4th August 2008, Carnarvon.

A short trip east of Carnarvon today to have a look at the Gascoyne River. This river is what they refer to as an upside-down river, one with the soil on top and the water underneath. Seams unbelievable but is true: The river bank is full of sand and the water soaks in and runs under the sand. There must be a fair bit of water there as this area is known for its fruit and vegetable growing that supplies a very lage percentage of West Australia’s market, and it all relies on irrigation from the Gascoyne river.

This is a shot of the Gascoyne River with all the sand.

080804-rock-pool-027.jpg Enlarge.

We went to an area of the river called the Rock Pool, about 45K east of Carnarvon. This is a section of the river that has no sand and consequently a large water hole, and is so named because of the rock river bank formations. This would be quite a nice place to camp out for a short spell, but there are a couple of rough sections of road to get there and the caravan would not make it. I am now starting to think that it could be time to upgrade the caravan to something we could use in this type terrain, but that will have to wait until we can be sure of affording it. I will keep it in mind though, so it won’t stop us looking.