Carnarvon, Enjoying the warm weather.


Wednesday 6th August 2008, Carnarvon.

Finally got the chance to go for a walk with my camera up the hill nearby where the O.T.C. Centre is, Overseas Telecommunications Commission, where there are a couple of old satellite dishes. These dishes are the ones that received the very first satellite Television transmission into Australia. They are no longer in use but are kept in reasonably good condition as a tourist attraction. They are good enough for someone like myself who has a little knowledge about this sort of thing to work out roughly how these old style dishes work, especially one of them that does not look like any conventional dish of nowadays. In fact the uninitiated would not even recognise it as being a satellite dish. Even though I haven’t been able to find any information on the other dish, I reckon it may have been the original that received the first transmission and was replaced by the newer conventionally shaped one at some later date.

080806-otc-station-049.jpg Enlarge.

A picture of both the dishes. The squarish one is the older one, with the more conventional one in the background.