Kalbarri, and disgruntled again.

Wednesday 16th July 2008, Kalbarri.

It seems that Kalbarri will live up to most of the stories we have heard. It is a very scenic place with tremendous coastal views, and river gorges in the National Park. With the weather being a little iffy today we had a recognisance trip along the south coast today with the idea of just leaving the camera behind and wait for a fine day to come back and take shots. The road to the gorges has been closed, as is normally the case in wet weather, so goodness knows if, or when, we will be able to get to see them. Then Linda went to checkout the local shops, and returned with an ultimatum: She said she would not do any grocery shopping here as a protest to the increased prices, a much larger increase than she had seen anywhere in remote areas. It now looks like we will only be here for a week or so depending on the weather, then going to Carnarvon where prices should be a bit more reasonable. It would then be our intention to return here for another week on our return down south to give us a chance to see what we will miss this visit, and she will then be stocked enough so it will not be necessary to shop here at all. I also noticed that fuel prices had a large jump as well, seeming to be much higher than anywhere else in the district. All this is once again detracting from our ideas of WA, again I’ll say we have been to some very nice places but we have had a lot of ill experiences with WA collectively and are getting to the stage where we can’t wait to get back to Victoria, or at least SA.