Tuesday 10th June 2008, Perth.

Just a week now until Linda returns and we can start thinking about heading north for some warmer weather. It has been a little cool here of an evening of late which is a little contrary to the information I downloaded from the Bureau of Meteorology, so this year it must be colder than the average for this month. It can also get a bit hairy with stormy weather at this time of year as well. We have had two reasonable storms in the past couple of weeks, but fortunately the worst of them bypassed my present location and passed over a little south of where I am. The most recent was a couple of nights ago that caused havoc at Rockingham about 50 K south of Perth and was actually reported as a tornado. I am very hopeful of heading out of here before we actually cop a bad one, so hopefully we will be back on the road in a couple of weeks.