Monday 26th May 2008, Perth.

I mentioned earlier that both Linda and I have suffered Gastric problems and it has been a bit of a saga since. It seemed that Linda may have gotten a bug called Giardia, but has since been diagnosed negative, so we now are not sure what it was. The problem I had seems to be a bug going around Perth and has been ok since being given pills to overcome the problem, I won’t know wether I am over the problem until I stop taking the pills. All this had led me to believe that the water tank in the van had become contaminated and has become a drama as to what I should do about it. It now seems that it may not be the water tank, which possibly relieves the idea of a $500.00 bill to replace the entire water system. I could spend $300.00 on a water test to find out once and for all, but that seems a little steep just for a water test, so what I might do now is treat the tank with Milton and do some modifications with pump, tap and filtering system and hopefully overcome the problem. This won’t overcome the WA horrible tasting water though, so we have decided to used purchased water for drinking for the duration of our WA visit.