Wednesday 21st May 2008, Perth.

I have managed to keep myself adequately occupied so far in Linda’s absence with a few tasks I had to do and some shopping. For Linda, if she reads this, I have gone close to giving up smoking because I have had trouble finding a tobacconist that carries my brand, and I did say that if I couldn’t buy any I would give it up. Alas I did find a shop today, so I guess the idea of giving up has gone, for a while anyway. I had a day of riding busses and trains today with a trip to Fremantle to take some photos that I didn’t get time to on our previous visit, but the same thing happened as normally does in a large city: Where does one start and stop taking shots when there is so much to capture. I did take a few but I guess the rest will just have to remain in my memory. We are expecting several days of rain from tonight so this will be an interesting period trying to fill in my time, I guess if all else fails there could be some sightseeing by car.