Perth at last.

Sunday 27th April 2008, Perth.

I wonder if many travellers are as indecisive about their travels as we are. We intended heading off from Albany today and going about 250K to a small place called Wagin (pronounced wage-in), staying overnight only and then moving on to either York or Northam which are about an hour east of Perth. We were then going to have a day trip to Perth and check out some caravan parks and make a decision which one we would stay at. After we headed off a thought was made that, why stop at a place an hour out of Perth then make that lengthy trip just to have a look only to return with van a day or so later, why not rather go to a park in Perth and have a look from there at our leisure. Then: why go the long way to Perth via Wagin, why not just go all the way today? The rest is history because we are here at last. It now seems, after ringing a few parks, that some of our choices, due to price range, are booked out so our choices are now very limited anyway, so we will have a look anyway, but will probably stay where we are.

We did notice today a big change in the scenery, up till Albany since being in WA, the flora of the area was different than we have seen anywhere else, but the trip today was like we could have been almost anywhere in Australia that has tree growth, then the last half of the trip was very reminiscent of the Asbestos Ranges in Tassie via the road between Exeter and Devonport. Perth so far has been a different experience as well, as while on the roads we traveled for 20K or so within Perth’s boundaries it seemed as though we were still out in the country. Maybe we were on the outskirts, or they hide the housing areas well with tree growth, I guess we will find out more after being here a while.