Tuesday 1st April 2008, Norseman.

We are finally back in civilisation being in Norseman, the first township encountered after crossing the Nullarbor. See map. We didn’t take as long as anticipated to cross the Nullarbor and just as well as the weather has now turned nasty and we would not have enjoyed camping out in the wet and mud. It was an interesting trip, made much better by having company to talk with via radio during the trip, with roads as straight as I have ever seen for the distance they are. One section after Caiguna, 146.6 K, is the longest straight length of road in Australia. This was quite an effort to traverse, being made a little easier by camping out at a rest area half way along it, but not long after we completed it the straight roads started again and continued like that for almost the duration of the trip. Again check Flickr for some photos. The main reason for not taking long to cross the Nullarbor was mainly the same as happens in other cases: We get that close to making the trip that we can’t wait to get there.

The scenery across the Nullarbor was something again different to what we have so far seen. From SA all the way through to far into WA the entire Bite is comprised of a cliff face. The SA section of the Bite this cliff is on the waters edge, but when entering WA at Eucla the cliff is a distance away from the waters edge with very flat land between the cliffs and the water. A long section of the road traversed this land below the cliffs, and then at Madura we went through another pass to the top of the cliffs again. The road then goes inland, along that long straight section, away from the cliffs.

We were very fortunate with wind and weather during our tip with the wind being behind us for the duration and the weather being very fine and not too hot for the duration.

We plan on being in Norseman for three days but this could be extended. K and A are waiting for mail, and now that we are not in any great rush to get anywhere we will not be moving if it is raining.

We can now just relax and make our travel plans at our leisure and travel at whatever rate we see fit at any given time, this way we will enjoy it all the more. After-all we do plan on being over here for twelve months or more.