Wednesday 2nd April 2008, Norseman.

Our first introduction to WA has turned out to be an eye-opener in Norseman. We have heard quite a few stories along the lines that there is nothing at Norseman, but we had a look around today and found things to be different. Norseman is a gold mining area with several still active mines in the area. We went up to a lookout and couldn’t believe what we saw: A view over the countryside where the mines are revealed several, and there are many dry salt lakes in the area also. The main part of the township is off to one side of the main road so I am sure that the people that made the previous comments must have just passed through the town without stopping to have a look. This is one of the main reasons we like to stop at all towns we visit for a period so we can see what is on offer. One mine is in the centre of town, basically, and they have built a gigantic slag heap with an unusual look. It actually resembles a rock wall that has been sculptured, but is enormous, 40 million ton of tailings. I have posted a couple of pics on Flickr.