Monday 14th April 2008, Hopetoun.

Just to write Hopetoun again to show I spelled it the same correct way. We are now at Hopetoun, about 250K west along the coast from Esperance. See map. Our mail did turn up today so it on the road again. We chose Hopetoun as it will break the long trip to Albany, and being on the coast we thought it would be a nice place to spend a couple of days. Hopetoun probably would be a nice place, but we have had a couple of bad experiences so far so we have already adopted the ‘Not so nice place’ attitude, meaning what I say about the town is not necessarily what others would think. The whole town is at present being ripped up for waste water drainage works so it is a bit hard to get a good impression of the town. When we booked into the caravan park I seemed to develop a dislike for the manager with his ‘I don’t care’ attitude, and the fact that he guided me through a tree in a tight section of the park, not that any sections are not tight, and ripped the aerial off the side of the caravan. He then proceeded to talk with a camper who looks as though he has been here for a while and seemed to forget that I was there still waiting for directions. As I knew which site we were on I just continued on my own merry way. The other thing that is detracting from our experience is that we seem to have travelled so far coming over here and we still haven’t found any major civilised city, but rather just small towns, so the realisation of being in WA still hasn’t sunk in. We do know that this will change in a couple of days when we reach Albany, and from then on we should be in closer and higher populated areas rather than great distances with nothing between what are small towns anyway.