Tuesday 15th April 2008, Hopetoun.

I am starting to have a change of heart about Hopetoun and am now of the opinion that it is quite a nice area, it is strange how first impressions can have such an adverse affect on ones ideas. This is why we can’t strictly adhere to others ideas of different places, they could have had an equally bad introduction.

We went for a drive today to the local National Park, Fitzgerald River NP, and the scenery here was so different to other National Parks. I found I wasn’t worrying about the scenery so much as taking photos of the native flora and wild flowers, I have posted some on Flickr. The mountains at the Park did have their own features making them as interesting as any other NP, but it really was the vast plains of these different local bushes and wild flowers that stood out so much, I guess this is now starting to make us realise that we are in a different location.