Saturday 5th April 2008, Esperance.

We finally met up with Jan and Les the day we arrived, this is the couple we were travelling with and left us when we stopped at Adelaide, and it turns out they aren’t in the park we came to. We went to the park they are in today for a visit as they are leaving here on Monday.

Jan and Les told us about a tour conducted around the Port area that is just across the road from their park, so we decided to do it. The tour is conducted by the local Apex club and only cost $4.00 per head. The port here works with exporting iron ore from Kalgoorlie area, grains of various types, Nickel and the import of Sulphur, so the explanation of the workings was quite interesting. The local power station is also on the port area and they showed where the future desalination plant is going to be constructed.

On the way home we just had to stop at the local jetty to have a look at the local resident sea lion. Yes a sea lion has made his home under the jetty and has been there for quite some years. When the local fishermen clean their fish on the cleaning table he comes to the surface for a feed.

We haven’t done any other sight-seeing yet as the weather has not been the best, but there is plenty of time.