Eserance, Cape Le Grand NP.

Thursday 10th April 2008, Esperance. (Cape Le Grand NP.)

We went for a drive today to Cape Le Grand National Park, but picked the wrong day to do it. The weather was a bit iffy when we set out and when we arrived it was raining, a pity as the scenery was rather spectacular and shots were spoiled by rain on the lens. I have posted a few shots on Flickr though. The area was made up of several coves with pure white sand beaches, surrounded by large rocky outcrops that would have made some very good pics, for a good photographer anyway, but I did get some that will at least remind us what it was like. We are becoming impressed with camping areas in National Parks in WA, especially if they are all of the same standard as this Park. They were well laid out, had water and showers, bar-b-cues in camp kitchens, very good amenities and will allow generators under strict running time regulations. This all makes it rather inviting to stay in National Parks, even though our immediate plans probably won’t allow us to for a while. We have purchased a Parks pass for all parks in WA, but this only covers the car and camping Is extra but still reasonable.