Wednesday 16th April 2008, Albany.

We are now at Albany after an exhausting 350K trip, see map. We are hopeful that from now on for a while that our trips will be a lot shorter as we are now feeling the results of the long constant travel. We are now also feeling disillusioned with WA because of the travel, and that the towns we have passed through recently are very small and don’t seem to have a great deal to offer. We are wondering if all the inland towns here will be of a similar nature. We did say at Esperance that we had the feeling of being back in civilisation, but it was only because of the remoteness we have had for a while previous to that. It was a nice enough area, as was Hopetoun, they did have their individual touristy things but they didn’t live up to the stories we had heard about them. We are now saying again that we feel like being back in civilisation because Albany is a decent size city that seems as though it does have a fair bit to offer in sightseeing, it has hills and mountains in close proximity, and decent shopping centres as well, and a tobacconist as I did run out of supplies yesterday and was hanging out until we got here, and I am now feeling a lot better. We are now once again talking about what our future plans of how long we are going to spend in WA, but I guess the next few months will dictate the result of these discussions, weather has committed us to the rest of the year at least. I am probably babbling on a little as I am feeling a bit buggered after today’s trip, so we are both looking forward to a week of rest and short touring in the area. The forecast is for not very good weather for the next week so our immediate plans could even change again, seeing we want to see much of this area as we may not return this way.

By the way, we have parted company with Kay and Adrian as we both wanted to go our own way from here, the parting was very mutual. It was nice to have their company over the Nullarbor though, I don’t now how much worse the feeling we would have about WA if we had been on our own.