Albany and rained in.

Saturday 19th April 2008, Albany, Rained in.

It is pleasant seeing decent rain since it has been a while, but the unfortunate part is that it is not very good weather for sightseeing. Never the less we will wait until Wednesday, if necessary, until the weather improves to see what we want. There are a couple of things, like Whale world, we can visit in the bad weather, and other than that I have my car racing to watch over the weekend. We can afford to spend an extra couple of days here as we have decided to basically travel direct up to Perth getting us there a little earlier than planned.

I have had a couple ask what happened with Kay and Adrian for us to part company: We had only originally planned to cross the Nullarbor Plains with them for company, and then part and go our own ways. It does turn out that they ended up coming to Albany as well, because where they did intend going wasn’t very welcoming, but they are in a different park than us. We did go and visit them yesterday while we were out their way looking around.