Albany, A nightmare day.

Friday 25th April 2008, Albany.

We woke up this morning, late as usual, looked out the window to see the sun shining brightly and wondered whether we were going to have a fine day for a change. This would be good as we had planned on pulling down the awning walls while they are dry so our departure would not be hindered on Sunday, I even decided to put on my shorts. That was the only good thing that happened for the day, as not long after having breakfast the clouds came over again and rain once again threatened, we decided to dismantle the walls anyway before it did rain. Then the caravanners nightmare happened: An infestation of ants was discovered. This is about the fourth time this has happened to us during our travels, but this time they seemed to have taken over the entire caravan instead of just nesting in one area. Needless to say just about everything had to come out of the van so we could attempt to eradicate the offenders. We have, we think, succeeded in getting them, but there will no doubt be a few of the blighters appear over the next few days that we missed, but we are armed with the old spray cans. So after all that, and managing to get the awning down, we had had enough of the day so it was an easy tea, take-away, and just sit and relax for the evening, and that was it for another exciting day.