Wednesday 23rd April 2008, Albany.

We experienced the noted WA winds today, well we have been for most of the week we have been here, but rather we ventured out in it today. We had to go out touring today as we can’t stay here forever, so we ventured down to Whale World and the Peninsula it is situated on. Whale World is a well worthwhile attraction and is a must do when in the area. It is an actual old whale station where they used to process whales in years gone past, and some of the working are still in good order and give a good idea of what the machinery was like and worked. They also have several small movie theatres, converted whale oil storage tanks, a very novel idea, giving a good representation of what happened here. While in the area we had a look at some features of Torndirrup National Park such as a blow hole. This is where we experienced the noted westerly WA winds, we nearly got blown away. If we get a chance on a finer day before we leave we will have another trip down there to see what it is like in sunny weather, and to visit another attraction we gave a miss due to the wind and rain.