Streaky Bay / packed ready to move

Tuesday 18th March 2008, Streaky Bay.

After 2 or 3 weeks of sweltering heat it has finally turned cool with a southerly change. Isn’t it typical though, that we are due to move tomorrow, which means packing up today, and it is threatening to rain. In fact we had a few spits this morning so we panicked and packed up the annexe before it did. Now would you believe it has fined up again and does not look like raining, but we are now packed and don’t have to worry.

Tomorrow will be our final trip, to Ceduna, before the last chance we have given ourselves to change our mind about going west, but I doubt if we have any other ideas now other than keep going. Adrian and Kay are now at Port Augusta and intend travelling to Ceduna tomorrow to meet up with us so all is looking good for continuing on.

It occurred to me this morning that I haven’t done my usual thing and walked the township taking photos, but I have been putting it off due to the heat and the fact that there are road working teams re-sealing most of the roads about town that would detract from making decent shots. I may give it a go this afternoon if I get the chance, otherwise it will now have to wait until we come back on our return trip.

I finally got my web site published in the Caravan and Motorhome magazine with a story I sent them about TV reception, and it is rather inviting to see that people are now accessing the site. I have already had quite a few queries about the site and the TV information I have posted on it, so it is now starting to look as though it was all worth the effort.