Port Lincoln

Wednesday 5th March 2008, Port Lincoln.

Yesterday was spent doing what we first do in any new city, familiarise ourselves with the area, find shopping (most important) and get information on what is to do in the district. The caravan park was more helpful in this respect than any other we have stayed at by providing a list of touristy things and must do’s.

Today we ventured down to the southern most tip of the Eyre Peninsula, with the exception of the Lincoln Nation park which is actually further south, called Cape Carnot. The whole of this trip is privately owned land and they allow tourists to enter, at a cost of course, and tour some extraordinary scenery of the coastline giving us an idea of what the Great Australian Bite is going to be like. The name of this tour is ‘Whalers Way’ and is well worth the trip. The roads are not in the best condition, and some sections are sandy, so it is my recommendation to use a 4WD. We had to help extract one small car from a sandy section of the road, which highlighted a good point: I have a tow rope in the back of the car, but it is way down under everything else. All our years of travel and we have never needed it, and now when we did it was a major task to extract it. In fact by the time I did extract it the two females, one of whom being Linda, had assisted in pushing the car free anyway. I will have to find somewhere more convenient to put it for the future.

A rest day doing home chores tomorrow, and then more touring on Friday.