Nullarbor Roadhouse

Thursday 27th March 2008, Nullarbor.

After having a decent nights sleep, after the hectic day yesterday, I now feel in a better mood for putting words down.

It is unknown at this stage how long we will be here with Adrian possibly having problems getting the correct studs to repair their caravan. We are waiting word from Nundroo roadhouse, 150K back the way we came, who are likely to have what he wants, but if he doesn’t who knows what we then do. Adrian is almost insisting that if he has to sit for a while we should move on without them, but this is the section of the trip that we really wanted the company. I guess we need to just wait and see what happens.

One thing we were looking forward to while here was to go for a trip a few K’s back up the road to a whale watching lookout right at the mouth of the bight, but there is a sign on the gate at the highway turnoff saying it is closed for repairs. We have heard another story though: It was said that the lookout is on land owned by the local indigenous people and they charge people to enter for whale watching, the season doesn’t start until May so seeing they can’t charge for that purpose they simply close the road off to access, a bit rough if true seeing it could more than likely a good place to get some photos of the cliffs on the bight. Never mind though as there are several lookouts on the road ahead that apparently give good views of the cliffs.

A comment I heard from a traveller this morning goes as follows, “ I don’t know whether to call this place ‘Nullarbor’, ‘Megabor’ or just a Bloody Bore