Nullarbor Plains

Wednesday 26th March 2008, Nullarbor.

After five years of contemplating we are finally crossing the Nullarbor Plains on our way to WA. We are now at its namesake, Nullarbor road-house, nearly 300K from Ceduna. See map. The trip today was not without its dramas with Kay and Adrian losing a wheel off their caravan. We were following them at the time and I noticed something wrong with one of their wheels and thinking it to be a flat I contacted them on the CB advising that they stop. Unfortunately I was a little late because as he applied the brakes all the wheel studs snapped and the wheel fell off. Fortunately there was not a great deal of damage and after Adrian drove into Nullarbor, about 45K, he returned with some studs, but the wrong size. They were good enough to reattach the wheel and limp on to Nullarbor. All is needed now is some good replacements to turn up so we can repair properly before moving on.

We now see how the Nullarbor got its name: Null, as in null and void, and arbour, Latin for trees, meaning null of trees. We have had our first sample of straight roads as several sections today were quite lengthy without a corner. Fortunately so far the straight sections have been slightly hilly so it has not been too boring not knowing what is far ahead.