Ceduna-and on to WA

Sunday 23 March 2008, Ceduna. (Easter)

Having been at Ceduna now for a few days and had discussions with K and A we have now finally decided that our trip to WA is all go. I think that decision was actually made quite a while ago, otherwise we may not actually be here, but we did say all along that we would give ourselves until now to change our minds if we were going to. This trip does mean that we will be in WA for in excess of 12 months, if our plans all come together, so it does mean that we will have to fly back to Melbourne at Christmas, as we would not be able to miss out on that family reunion. It also means being in reasonable isolation from the rest of the family for a fair while so it would be nice to know that nothing untoward is going to happen to make us have to make un-scheduled trips home, especially from remote areas of which we will be spending a fair bit of time in.

Now being in a remote area of sorts I find we are now having to use the satellite TV system I purchased last year and am now learning a bit more about it. I have also been prompted to write a document on satellite dish tuning to complement the other info I have posted on the web site, and with what I am learning now I feel confident enough to be able to do so. It should be posted in the near future.