Adelaide (Hill Climb)

Saturday 16th February 2008, Adelaide.

A test of my fitness today, or at least lack of it, when I attempted to climb a hill next to the caravan park. I headed for a track that I thought would be the one leading up the hill, thinking that it would zigzag up the hill, only to find it was not the track at all. I then backtracked down the road and finally found the actual track that does traverse to the top of the hill. This track went straight up the will and was very steep, hence I gave up about half way up, just as well the others weren’t with me, I’m not sure how they would have handled even that little bit. I will now see how sore my legs are tomorrow, then decide when I will make another attempt, hoping one day before we leave to make it to the top. I have likened this hill to the same as the climb up Ayres Rock only a bit shorter, so it would be good practice for the climb up Ayres Rock.