Wednesday 13th February 2008, Adelaide.

Friend Adrian has had his visit to the specialist and the news was all good. About 5 years ago he was diagnosed with having had a heart attack and has been given medication for that condition, and now this specialist says it was not a heart attack but rather he has very thickly muscled heart walls and this would have led to the miss-diagnosis. The medication he has been taking, under these circumstances, would not have helped his condition, so hopefully ceasing it may actually improve his health. The thickness of his heart walls actually prevent the heart from pumping properly, which results in his rapid heart-beat that has been his present problem. More tests over the next couple of weeks will dictate what treatment he will commence and then hopefully his health will improve even more. Adrian himself is showing his confidence that this news can only be good, and we do wish him all the best.

We have been giving some thought about our travels, and after staying here for a couple of weeks to accomplish the few things we need to do, we will more than likely visit several parts of SA while in the area. We thought we would go see the Yorke and Eyre Peninsula’s taking us to Ceduna at which point we will decide, depending on Linda’s health, whether we will still continue across to WA or back to Port Augusta and up the centre, or even back to the Sunshine Coast. At that point we would be half way to WA anyway so the decision won’t be too hard to make I’m sure.