Friday 18th January 2008, Melbourne.

We are now counting down the days till we are once again on the road, only 5 more sleeps. We intend leaving on Wednesday next week and head for Wentworth in New South Wales, near Mildura in Victoria, having a couple of stops on the way and arriving there on Friday or Saturday 25or 26th. After a few days at Wentworth we and the other two couples then intend heading for the Nullarbor Plains.

Melbourne, getting ready for WA.

Monday 7th January 2008, Melbourne.

It is now only a little over two weeks before our plans to make the WA trip start, and Linda is showing signs of getting very itchy feet, it is normally me that can’t wait to get under way. I think she is starting to look very much forward to making the trip and I think traveling with friends has contributed to these feelings. We are now waiting for Matt and Louisa and kids to return from their Tassie visit so we can spend a little time with them before we start on this new venture.

We also have a new companion for our future travels called ‘Ted Tew’. This is a mascot, Teddy, chosen by Matt’s kids so he can feature in pictures of our travels. ‘Ted’ more than likely won’t feature much in my reports, but keep your eye out for him in some pictures, because Linda has undertaken to prepare her own travel reports mainly featuring ‘Ted’ and his travels for the grand children who might then get a little more appreciation of our travels.

This is Ted raring to go.