Plans for hopeful wa trip

Saturday 29th December 2007, Melbourne.

The Western Australia trip: We have two couples that we have made friends with during our travels (Kay and Adrian, And Les and Jan) that are planning a WA trip very soon so we have decided that it would make the journey around WA a much more enjoyable one if we were to join them. They are at present at Wentworth, near Mildura, waiting for the holiday panic to end before they intend heading off. We are now hopeful of leaving Melbourne on the 23rd January, making a couple of stops on the way, and meeting up with them at Wentworth before they do head off. We would like to stop at Tatura, near Shepparton, to visit Stan and Beryl, an elderly couple we have made friends with at Maroochydore as they have also being staying there for winter. If we were to go to WA it would mean that we would not be going to the Sunshine Coast this year, and it would be nice to catch up with them at least one more time. These couples going to WA are living under the same conditions as us, in the van with no home, so their travel plans would be as relaxed as we would expect ours to be, so we would all intend to just take things as they come depending on weather conditions. The only commitments we would have would be to be in Perth in June for Linda to fly back to Melbourne for her usual visit, and then be somewhere, like Broome or Darwin, or back in Perth, by August so she can fly back again, otherwise it is anything goes. The other couples don’t mind camping out either so this again should make it a more enjoyable trip having company so we can camp out with a little more security.

It is all sounding good, now all we have to do is hope it all eventuates.