An eventful week in Melbourne

Saturday 8th December 2007, Melbourne.

A rather eventful week was the past one: With me getting a cold and stuck in bed for a day, now Linda is a little off colour after baby sitting yesterday with one of the kids, Japheth, home with a sore throat. On top of all this we had a drama with the new car on Thursday. Driving back to Epping from Sydney road with Linda, Narrelle and her two kids, just coming into peak hour traffic and in 30 plus degrees temperatures Tilly had a sudden lack of power and she was blowing a cloud of black smoke from the rear. My first thought was that the turbo had had a major failure. All I could do at this stage was pull off to a side road and call for roadside assistance. Matt was also called to come and collect the family while I waited what could be an hour plus for assistance, it turned out we all had to wait for a fair while, with the kids in the sweltering heat. While we were waiting I decided to have a look under the bonnet, thinking what could I possibly do, and low and behold I found an air hose had come adrift. There is an air feed from the Turbo to a cooler in the front then to the intake on the other side of the engine, and it was the feed from the turbo to the front that had come adrift. This resulted in plenty of fuel and no air to the engine when power was required, hence the black unburned fuel smoke and no power. Matt then turned up and took home the family while I waited for the RACV, who came not much later. We then did a few checks and he followed me for a couple of K’s to make sure all was ok, and it was, and all has been ok since. I did then proceed to check all other hoses and did find most weren’t over tight at all.

Hopefully things can only improve from here on in and we can start to enjoy the Xmas period as one would hope for.