Sunday 4th November 2007, Launceston.

I have been getting a little more ready for when the canopy is fitted on Tuesday. The box work for the tray area has been painted to look a bit more the part, I have made a carpet to go on the floor, and I have had a small practice packing of travel gear. It seems at this stage that all will fit well, but there may be a few miscellaneous bits and pieces that may have to be just thrown in until I can find a permanent place for them, or more bits and pieces will get discarded.

Linda has gone off for the night with Alice Skirving, Matt and Lou’s mother/mother-in-law for a girly night out, they should enjoy their time together.

I am booked on the boat to Melbourne for a two day visit for the purpose of taking what we decided to keep from the container to store with Narrelle and Matt. I go over on Saturday and return on Monday night. Then we can finally get the new truck loaded and make a move for a couple of practice runs around the state to make sure all is ok before we head back to the mainland. I can’t wait.