Wednesday 21st November 2007, Kelso.

This map will show the route we have taken today to get to Kelso, almost across to George Town, my GPS map calls it George, then south to cross the Batman bridge and north again to Kelso.

I am once again impressed with the performance of ‘Tilly’ the truck. Even though we were changing gears somewhat to traverse the hills we didn’t have any trouble keeping ahead of the log trucks until a long straight allowed us to let him pass. This was one of the main problems with the panel-van, holding up trucks until they could pass. I am also finding that travelling now is less tiring as driving the new truck is less stressful and more relaxing, hence after travelling, even being short trips, then setting up camp I am finding that I don’t seem to be as tired as in the past. If this is going to continue it will also make the new purchase very worth while.