Monday 15th October 2007, Launceston.

We can now see the end to cleaning out the container, with one load to the auctioneers tomorrow and it will be empty. It is amazing how much nonsense stuff we kept. We will end up with a vehicle full of what we want to keep and take it to Melbourne for storage.

We have also taken a big plunge, by buying a new car. The panel-van was getting rather long in the tooth and had developed rust, so it was time to go. It is a pity actually as it had done such a good job up until now and is still what I call mechanically sound considering the work it has done. I always said that I would never own a diesel engine vehicle, and also never one of those high off the ground. We actually bought one of those exact vehicles, a Ford Ranger XLT, 4WD diesel turbo. All indications are that it should be a lot more powerful than the panel-van and should be more fuel economical, even though the Panel-van was running gas. Then gas was only cheaper to run when in Victoria or any capital city which was probably only 30% of our running. The ultimate test though will be towing, the only time to find out. I am impressed with its performance so far, and do hope that it does live up to my expectations. I did think of inserting a photo, but it was dark when I thought of it, so one will follow later.