Friday 28th September 2007, Wellington.

Change of plans again: I really don’t like consecutive travel days, so we will be staying two days at each of our stops from here on, so this means we won’t be in Melbourne until Wednesday 3rd October. This will give us 4 days there before we go to Tassie, I would prefer this instead of being tired every day and then rest for the first couple of days in Melbourne anyway.

We are now in Wellington, about 50K SE of Dubbo, Map. We are camped on the side of the Macquarie River and is enjoyable just sitting outside looking out over the river watching the bird life, but we do have to keep an eye out for the swooping Magpies that are nesting with young in a nearby tree. They seem to have a thing about Linda and target her more than anyone else. We have been in this area before and have had a good look around, so it will be enjoyable just sitting and relaxing in the warm sunny weather.