Sunshine Coast

Friday 14th September 2007, Sunshine Coast.

So much for the friendly nature of the panel-beaters: They are a company I would never recommend to anybody. Even though I mentioned earlier they were friendly, I now have the impression that was only because they wanted my business. After their assurance that the work would be done in two days I am convinced that without my pressure on them completing the job it would not have been completed until mid next week. They have never once shown any sort of sympathy, or similar, to my situation of being a visitor and have travel commitments to meet. Their work was a little shoddy, but I suppose acceptable considering the age and present state of the car, and they did overlook a couple of things like hinge seal covers, but they do say they will overcome the shortcomings. Anyway we do now have the car back, so we can now start to load it up again and make ready for our trip south.