Saturday 22nd September 2007, Ipswich.

We are on the road again. We have two weeks to get to Melbourne and not really looking forward to it being so quick, we have never travelled so far in less than a couple of months or so. We have to travel this quickly so we can get back to Tassie on time for a few chores.

We are now at Ipswich, not far south of Brisbane. We have never been here before so we decided to make our first leg a short one to get used to travel again, and have a short look at the district. It does seem like a nice enough area and would be worth a lengthy visit here one day. There may be a little more incentive to do so if there were more options for caravan parks here. Not that there is anything wrong with the park we are in, but it is the only one our information indicated was in the district. We went on a short look around town today, just to have a rough look, and stumbled across a lookout with a difference. There is a very large water tower on top of the highest hill in town and one can climb up onto the top of it to get 360 degree views of the area. We don’t intend looking around much as we won’t see much in just a couple of days, as I said it could be worth spending an extended visit here one day.