Tuesday 25th September 2007, Gunnedah.

Another 300 plus Kilometres sees us at Gunnedah, Map, and I have now once again convinced myself that I really do not like travelling two days consecutively. We figure that we can stay for two days at each stop and be in Melbourne on the 3rd October, this will then give us a week at Melbourne before heading back to Tassie to do what we have to.

We called into Gunnedah on our way down this time because we have been eying off the place for a while, so a short visit this time, which is not far out of our way, has convinced us that a lengthy visit some time could be warranted.

One thing that amazes me during our travels is the variation in fuel costs, especially gas. Goondiwindi saw the price at 62 cents and Moree it was 70 cents. I filled up at Narrabri at 72 cents thinking that Coonabarabran is usually the most expensive in the area, and Gunnedah is more remote so should be more expensive, only to find out that at Gunnedah it is only 62 cents, work out the logic in all that.