Vehicle incident

Sunday 12th August 2007, Sunshine.

A day of incidents today: I was sitting in the annexe this morning thinking that I didn’t have a great deal to do, what was I to do with myself all day? Ah, I have heard of a 12volt shop near Caloundra that I want to check out, even though it is not open I might as well find out where it is, and then have a bit of a look around the area. I got about half way there and had to stop for some red lights. Just after stopping I heard a loud crash behind me, I looked in my rear view mirror to see a motor-cyclist flying over the top of a car behind me and crashed into the rear of my vehicle. The force of the impact between the motor cycle and the car behind forced the car forward into the rear of mine so the woman cyclist landed on his bonnet and against the rear of my car. She was conscious the whole time and I insisted she not move until the ambulance arrived, she had no intention of moving, so I stayed with her to comfort her as well as I could until help arrived. I must call the husband tonight, I believe he was the driver, and check on her condition.

It could be just as well we intend being here for a few more weeks so I can get it repaired before we head off.