Have been to Melbourne.

Tuesday 7th August 2007, Sunshine.

I have just returned from my two day trip to Melbourne, and feel that I should have written something whilst down there but life was just too hectic. I have returned with nothing different to before I went down.

Narrelle was due to be induced with the birth of her new child on Saturday just gone, hence my going down when I did, but when she had her tests at the hospital they revealed that the baby was not in position, so she was sent home. She had another visit yesterday which revealed that she is now ready to give birth, so go home and wait. Yesterdays hospital visit was beneficial to me as I got to take her in, and while she was there, for three hours plus, I got to baby sit Jaedon and it was nice for him to get to know me somewhat. It must have worked because he was reasonably friendly with me this morning before I left.

So as I said, I have returned to the Sunshine Coast, Narrelle is still pregnant, and Linda is still with Narrelle anxiously waiting the new birth.

The trip was also worth the fact that I got to see Matt and Louisa and their kids, as these kids were waiting for me to make a visit.

So now it is back to the life of enjoying the warmth of this area and continue doing what I do best, not much at all.